This is a working series of double exposures shot in camera at Paris Fashion Week. It fuels an obsession of mine - textiles, pattern and colour. At these shows, the "stage" is framed by architecture and music. The choreographed movement of the models through that space, activates the clothing, bringing it alive, creating a vision of the collection as it moves and bends and floats. Usually photography of the collection is done by a small army of professional photographers at the end of the runway in a series of still shots. Double exposure was a way for me to break away from that single shot, the commodity shot, and capture the movement, beauty and life of the clothes. At their most simple, they are textile constructions. On a body, they spring to life. They breathe and dance. Unrelated to the commodification of fashion, this series seeks to uncover the stolen seconds of poetry usually rendered invisible by our rational eye.


“Do not allow yourself to be misled by the surfaces of things; it is in the depths that all is decided.”

R.M. Rilke